The Ritual of the Recluse is the sole practice of Isolation Tank Gnosis. Here are the instructions:

Float in the isolation tank for 8 weeks.

The complete ritual has been specified. The remainder of this chapter is used address common questions.

  • Can I do less than 8 weeks? Sure.
  • What am I supposed to do while in the tank? Nothing.
  • What do you mean do nothing? I mean what I said: nothing. We have no instructions on what you should do in the tank. Harry didn’t either. He just got in and laid there. He wasn’t sure he was “doing it right” but it still worked.
  • How is that supposed to lead to Self-Realization? Well it worked for Harry, why wouldn’t it work for you?
  • Why are you doing this? It’s my life mission to impart this Isolation Tank Gnosis.
  • Why is this your life mission? I can’t explain that. I just know deep within me that when I bite the dust, nothing will matter more than how many people I have been able to help through this religion.
  • Who is Harry Palmer? He invented the Avatar spiritual system after his 8 week isolation tank intensive. He wrote the text “Living Deliberately” to chronicle his spiritual search before, during and after his 8-week intensive.
  • Have you met him? Nope.
  • Any suggestions on what to do in the tank? Not really. Remember the gnostics used the self to discover The Self, not a church or group. If they did it and if Harry Palmer did it and if John C. Lilly did it, then you can too.
  • What can I expect to happen? You are welcome to read Harry Palmer’s book, but my vows prohibit me from attempting to create expectations for your experience in the tank. So I have to politely refuse to answer this question.
  • Are you enlightened? I am a humble servant of this technique. If I were here to empower you or initiate you, then I would indeed need some sort of power or realization. But my role here is assistant, not instructor, teacher, llama or guru.
  • What if I’m hungry? If you are hungry, then exit the tank briefly to address this need. Then hop back in.
  • What if nature calls? Exit the tank briefly to address this need. Then hop back in.


Isolation Tank Gnosis Copyright © by Lord Terrence-Monroe of Sherleys-Womb. All Rights Reserved.


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